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Frank Duran "The Real Estate Man" can show you how!

Many brokers lure customers by offering to list their home at a very high price. The truth is, asking a very high price does not always yield the highest actual selling price.

Statistics show that homes with higher listing prices sit on the market longer. Days on the market can be considered a "weakness". Often the highest-priced listings have to be reduced a bit over time. And that is another sign of "weakness".

My statistics show that my "price bracketing" system yields high selling prices with less days on the market than the industry average.

Get it priced right!

  • Find a high and low price you are willing to take
  • Price strategically to attract a lot of attention
  • Receive multiple offers due to attractive price
  • Initiate bidding process
  • Reap the rewards of a high selling price - often higher than highest anticipated price!

Price-Bracketing Explained