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Sara shipped her engagement ring to a New York City jeweler for repairs. She used an independent shipping store to pack  and send it through UPS. Because it was an expensive ring, dear to her, she insured it for $10,000!

The story got weird when a UPS shipping envelope arrived at the jeweler. The envelope was NOT the original envelope, although it had Sara’s shipping label on it. And inside the envelope there was NO DIAMOND RING! Instead of a diamond ring, there was a pair of socks!

What happened? No one knows. Did the independent shipper switch the ring? Did someone at UPS do it? Or did the Jewelry store do it?

Sara was upset but happy she had purchased the insurance policy. However, that happiness turned to anger when UPS rejected her claim. Sara said UPS would not pay her because she was technically NOT the shipper (because she used a third-party to pack and sent it).  But that third-party shipper would not help either! That’s when Sara called my radio show.

I put Deputy Daphyne on the case. Daph reached out to UPS Media Relations and got an immediate response. Within 2-weeks Sara got a $10,000 check in hand!

TIP: If you are going to use UPS to ship something of high value, it is best to use their company-owned stores to pack it and ship it directly. Even though third-party stores may intend to do a good job, it complicated things when there is an insurance claim. Also, by using a UPS store, it takes any arguments away from them when it comes to items being damaged due to improper packing.


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