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You may have heard it advertised and wondered about it:  Brain Wave Optimization … also know as Brain Mapping or Brain Balancing.  In short, the technology promises to to improve your brain function which can help you eradicate negative behavior and enhance your positive traits.


Our brain is the center of all activity and behavior.  And because it handles millions of calculations every second, it tends to “automate” certain functions like reacting to a hot surface.  Those “automated” responses become etched in our brain’s neuro pathways, like an automated circuit.  Behavior can be create etched neuro pathways as well after trauma, abuse or a life of stress factors.  We can develop automated anger responses, rage responses, fear responses, addictions, etc.. Eventually our brains become unbalanced yielding even more negative behavior.

In the past, we dealt with these problems in various ways:  counseling, talk-therapy, hypnotism, medications and more.  Now brain wave optimization is an option.


Brain wave optimization is not an invasive technology.  There are no drugs, no needles, no probes or no surgeries.  Everything is done first by measuring brain patterns to get an accurate image of the brain’s function, then the introduction of audio signals using ear buds.  These audio signals calm the brain and allow it to “reset” in a way.  It brings your brain back into balance.  If you have one lobe that is over-active and another lobe that is under-active, perhaps triggering addiction, the idea would be to bring those lobes back into a balance.


Change in behavior does not come from balancing your brain.  Balancing simply clams the brain down so it is no longer feeding negative behavior with faulty neuro responses.  Ultimately it is still up to you to change your behavior/  But it becomes more doable with the help of a healthy brain.





The basic promiseto help you get better efficiency from your brain including oberclarity, concentration,  


In short, it is a technology that promises to help your brain measures your brain waves from numerous lobes and maps out – like a finger print – a diagram of how your brain is functioning as a whole.


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