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I can’t tell you how many times I get calls from renters who discovered massive infestation of bed bugs or roaches.  Or they discover toxic mold in the walls or asbestos or ecoli in the carpets!

Once you’ve rented a place, your only recourse is to depend on the landlord to fix it.  But if he doesn’t, you have a fight on your hands. Sometimes that fight leads to you moving out and battling over your security deposit for breaking the lease.  (SIDE NOTE:  Breaking a lease early for good reason is called “constructive eviction” – in other words, you evict yourself  (I cover that topic elsewhere).

I have a suggestion.  Why not insist on getting an inspection?  Hey, I know it is unheard of in the rental market, but why?  Maybe someone ought to start an inspection company specifically designed for renters. It would be worth the money and prevent many problems.

In addition to finding out problems with bed bugs, mold, asbestos and other problems, the inspector could also advise the prospective tenant of plumbing, heating or electrical problems.  And what about damages?  When moving out, wouldn’t it be nice to have an inspection report to prove that the damage was there before you moved in?

Well, that’s my recommendation.  Hope someone catches on!


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