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New EngineAndy bought a truck from O’Mera Ford and he claims he did not get a three-day emission voucher.  (By the way, a three-day voucher give consumers three days to get an emissions sticker for the car.  If the car fails within that 3 days, the consumer has a right to demand that the dealer fix it or undo the deal).  O’Mera claims they did issue the voucher but could not prove it in the paperwork.

Andy says since he did not have the voucher, he did not realize that he needed to get a new test for the truck.  A short time after buying the truck, the engine blew up!  Technically, it lost compression.  Andy believes that the truck would’ve never passed emissions and the compression problem would’ve been discovered had he taken the truck in for the test within the first three days.  So he thought O’Mera should undo the deal or fix the truck.

If he had gotten the emission test, would it have revealed the engine problem?  We don’t really know.  But the point is, Andy had the dealer on a technicality.  The law gives consumers three days to hold the dealer responsible for the emissions.  After that it’s in the consumer’s lap.  But without that voucher few consumers would realize that they only have three days.  And some consumers wouldn’t even know they need a test until they go to register the vehicle.

When Andy called O’Mera they offered to sell him a new car but they said his trade would be worth very little.  And he owed $18,000 on it!  So Andy called the Troubleshooter Show.

My investigator, Marc Mager took on the case.  He said although the paperwork showed an emissions voucher was part of the deal, there was no acknowledgment showing the consumer had gotten it.  The dealer admits the deal looked questionable but maintains that they did nothing intentionally wrong.  At worse, they say, it was a oversight.

Mager negotiated a settlement.  O’Mera agreed to replace the blown engine with a brand new Ford factory replacement with a 3-year 36,000-mile warranty – EVEN BETTER THAN HIS ORIGINAL DEAL!  By the way, the value to Andy in this case is more than $6,000!


And what does Andy have to say?Andy & Truck

“I am very satisfied with what O’Meara did to rectify the issue on my recently purchased used truck, all thanks to Tom Martino and the Troubleshooter network!  Thanks to Tom and Kayla, and a HUGE thanks to Marc Mager for making it all possible!  I am very satisfied and finally on the road once again!  Thank you!!”



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